One Year


Hey, so… One year, yeah? Pretty close, pretty close.

You have me pulsing with desire,
Brimming with such confidence,
The way you walk is fire, fire,
I lost my virtue, my innocence.

Did I have any to begin with?
Nah, I’m still hungering just like a kid.

It’s chow time,
I need to have a…

Absolutely infatuated with this. 

God Complex


My theories remain the same,
I become impossible,
It’s all a game,
It’s feasible — reality,
A mortal entity,
Eating the world,
Becoming immortal.

Fuck your conspiracies,
Fuck your damnation,
Your policies,
I can’t bother with your nation,
Fuck the system you create,
I reinvent, I…


Best ways to fuck.

Til you’re gasping for air. 

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I’m bored. I might do gifs tonight. Anyone got ideas or requests? 

Ugh, whatevs. 

Do you ever just simulate your orgasm face in the mirror and are like:

"oh my god"

When people 1st see me they think that just because I have blue hair I suck dick for a living. 

I wish.

I don’t know how I got this hot piece of a§§.

Why? Well I say, why not

There’s something delicious about a guy that’s not all fucking burly yet perfectly capable of fucking you up if he had to.

Ted Bundy (2002)

Jesus fuck.


Straight Friend: "I’m open minded"



This is my boyfriend. 

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